Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boys Halloween Party 2014

I was on the committee to help with the boys' Halloween Party at school. They were so excited for me to be there!! The girls got to come too and dressed up in their costumes as well. What a fun time we all had going from class to class for their parade and then playing a game, having snack and getting to visit with everyone! 
{Jackson as the Red Power Ranger}
{Joel as the Blue Power Ranger}
{Jewels as Elsa and Jossy as Spiderman}

{Class picture!}

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Girls Halloween Party 2014

The girls had a GREAT time at their Halloween Party at their preschool! As the parent representative for the class I was in charge of planning the party...we made several crafts, had snacks and played a few games. It was a fun time and glad I could be apart of it! 

{their little costume parade}
{the 3 year old 2 day a week class}
{Julianne and her friend Mikayla...Elsa and Anna!}
{Jossy and Brady}
{Nora and Caymen}
{snack time}
{Mrs. Amanda reading a book}

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Soccer 2014

The boys enjoyed playing soccer this fall. They won just a couple games but have a VERY young U8 team. Jon and I enjoyed coaching this group of boys too, we have been so lucky to have such great kids! Everyone improved a lot this season and we're really looking forward to the spring season! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Illumnifest 2014 - PRINCESS galore!!!

Last weekend we headed out to West Des Moines for their annual Illumnifest celebration. This year, they had a princess pomerade and for $10 in advance you could get a book with each princess's picture and have them sign it and post a picture of your little princess with the big princess in it! The girls were soooo excited!! Jon was up in Ames at the football for work so my mom went and helped with the 4 kids. We had a fun time and the girls were in heaven! 

{Jossy & Princess Sophia}
{Jewels and Princess Sophia}
 {Joss and Princess Aurora}
 {Jewels and Princess Aurora} 

 {Jocelyn & Princess Jasmine}

 {Julianne & Princess Jasmine}
 {The girls with Queen Elsa}

 {Julianne and Belle}
 {Jocelyn & Belle}
 {Julianne with Princess Anna}
 {Jocelyn with Princess Anna}
 {While I was waiting in line for the long ones, Elsa, Belle and Anna, my mom took the kids to make lanterns and to explore!}
 A fun evening had by all.,...and well worth it for the boys because they got a light up sword out of the deal!! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

1st Day of 3 year old Preschool!!

Taking a break from decor/house posts as I didn't ever post about the girls' first day of 3 year old preschool! 

I was in Las Vegas on their first day with girlfriends but Jon did a great job getting them all ready and taking pictures for me so I could see it!! The girls are going to preschool in Ankeny at Bright Beginnings at the Methodist Church on Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 hours. They LOVE it!! We were hoping the preschool in Collins would be taking 3 year olds, but they were full with 4 and 5 year olds. So next year they will do 4 year old preschool in Collins where the boys went last year. While in town for those 2 days I spend my free time running errands, visiting my Gram once a week, getting my nails done, a massage or working on photo editing. 

{Jocelyn Jo on her first day, September 3, 2014}
 {Julianne Jane on her 1st day September 3, 2014}
 {my mini-me, Jewels!}
 {Jossy and Jewels}

 {the lover of ALL stuffed animals...Julianne!}

 {At Bright Beginnings Preschool in Ankeny for their 1st day!}
 {Julianne, finding her hook and hanging up her backpack!}
 {Jocelyn hanging up her Spiderman backpack!}

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's scary around our house!!

Well now that we're into October I thought I would show off the fall decor we have up inside the house. The kids LOVE all the decorations and so do I. We got everything out in September (love the fall smells in the house my favorites are Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and the Scentsy Pumpkin Roll...yuuummm!!!)

My fall pillow covers all from etsy, Look Here Jane or ThePillowPeople are a burnt orange and black (for Halloween) then brown (for Thanksgiving) and I got this cute mummy pillow this year at Pottery Barn (online). 
The top of our mantle. The boo sign came from Etsy last year, the spider from Pottery Barn online, my talented friend Dani made the pumpkin in the right of the picture out of an air filter 
Another cute accent pillow I got from Pier1  
My entertainment center is very fall/Halloween like!! Again the white pumpkin in the middle top and the on the 2nd small shelf on the right side came from my friend Dani, the other stuff is a mix from Pier1, craft shows and a cute little store in Ames called Julianne's. 
My black pillow cover and another Peir1 accent pillow
This creepy/cute owl I got from Younkers last year on yellow dot clearance. He is different look. All my outlet/wallflower covers are from Bath and Body Works I've gotten years ago and all house the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent! 
The centerpiece on my kitchen came from Pier1 and so did the candles that are in it. The table runner came from either Look Here Jane or ThePillowPeople a few years ago. 
Haha...these giant spiders I got from Target about 3 or 4 years ago, the kids LOVE these things!! There is one there, one hanging over our kitchen table (you can kinda see his leg in the above picture) and one out on the mirror in the mud room. 
I got this sign from some website on Etsy. Very fitting!! 
There is our 3rd spider climbing on the mirror in the mudroom. The little pumpkin came from Pier1 and the wood pumpkin face came from Julianne's in Ames last year. 
This cute creature came from Pier1 and the candle wraps came from Bath and Body Works a few years ago. 
This is right next to the little wall by the washer and dryer in the mud room. I got these light up pumpkins at Target a few years ago. Such a pain, last year I had to replace all the brown sting white lights and all new brown zipties (all bought off Amazon for more than probably the pumpkins were) such a pain but I love these light up things! The cat I think came from Bath and Body Works years ago. 
This wreath was new when we moved in last year...he came from Etsy from someone's shop. 
This cute little tree use to light up he no longer works, he came from Avon about 7 years ago and the little sign I got off Etsy last year. 
So that's a little view of the "scariness" around the house! Just this last weekend we did our outside decorating...I'll have to do another post on that soon! Hope everyone else has gotten into the Halloween/Fall spirit too!! My kids BEG for deocrations each season and I love decorating!!